Monday, February 23, 2009

Site issues...

Our main site ( is under SPAM bombardment - it shut our site, and our server down. We're in the process of trying to get this under control or move to a better hosting company with better spam control.

But we're still alive and kickin!

BTW, this means if you emailed us in the last week, we didnt get it. For now use choppahead at yahoo dot com

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Where Are They Now" - Holland Raise Up!

Today on "Where Are They Now" we delve into the sordid life of Sander Cowie-Charest. Once a famous Dutch child actor who played the part of "Beertje" on the hit show "Kinderen van Waterland" (Children of Waterland) that swept the Netherlands by storm in 1990, Sander has been on a continuous downward spiral since the molestation allegations.

This downward spiral that brought Sander from beret-boy "Beertje" to gay-boy "Beer Shit" caused him to flee the Netherlands for the US. He now resides in NB, MA. Currently he works on boats, and apprentices at Choppahead Kustoms. Sander enjoys hurting himself skateboarding, two-man camping in one tent, cheap beer, passing out at bike shows, and, of course, the cock.

And here's a trailer for the show:

Radio Silence Release Party

If you like old punk and hardcore, you should buy this book NOW!!! It fuckin rocks!

The above photos are from the release party. Sander and I reppin with some old and new friends. They got more on their blog.

Friday, February 6, 2009


We'll be at the Motorcycle Expo in Boston, MA (Bayside Expo Center) all day Saturday and Sunday. Come by and check us out. We'll have the Brodee-Ho Basket Express and another new bike that we just finished today with us... !

Site updates

We're doing some updates on our site - - over the next couple weeks. There will be a lot more of our newer bikes added, more parts, etc. So check it out.

Some people have had some issues ordering swag and parts off our site - if you have any issues email me a list of what you need, and I'll send you a total and you can paypal direct. truth at choppahead dot com


another of our newer builds - this one was for a customer in Providence, RI

some of our "rat" builds

we do these on the side, as we have time, so that we can sell some bikes cheaper for guys that afford one of our full custom builds.

Some of our new modern triumph builds...

these will be going on the site this week...